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What we’re doing Tuesday

January 27, 2014 in Teacher Announcements

Time is precious in a service-learning course, so I want us to persevere. Thus, Module #1 is still due by midnight on Tuesday.

To complete it:

  1. Coordinate with your group members over email (you can email anyone in the class via Blackboard under tools>email) or via this website (leave comments on this post).
  2. Be sure you complete all the steps listed under the Module #1 page. The last step (step 5) asks you to complete the Student Learning Goals Worksheet (a link to which is right by step 5). This is VERY IMPORTANT as it allows me to place you with a community partner. Be sure you do it.
  3. Email me drafts by 5 PM if you want feedback. If you do so, however, you must articulate a specific concern your group has with the draft (think: grading criteria). If you just send me your group’s draft without explaining a specific concern you have, I will not review it. I will respond to all drafts by 6:30 PM.
  4. Write a cover letter about what you did individually to help complete your group’s Web Presence Assessment Report. Directions for how to write a cover letter can be found on the aptly named Cover Letters for Modules page. Basically, you pick one of the writing process/product terms (invention, arrangement, revision, etc.) and write a brief letter to me explaining what you individually did for that portion of your project.
  5. Each individual must submit a completed module to Blackboard by midnight. A completed module consists of:
    1. Your individual cover letter about how you contributed to your team’s report
    2. A copy of your team’s Web Presence Assessment Report
    3. Your individual Student Learning Goals Worksheet
  6. Ask me any questions you have via email, text (see contact info on the Syllabus page), phone, or as a comment on this post. We can also talk via Skype or Google Hangout if you contact me to set that up.

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