Bitcoin Reaches Historic New Milestone

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe faces impeachment

93 year old President Mugabe faces impeachment by parliament after announcing his wife will usurp constitutional power after his passing. The Zimbabwe military is now intervening and wishes to exile the current president. Mugabe has used his powers in the past to strip other government officials of their powers and title. Should Mugabe face not only impeachment but exile too? Should his wife also be removed from any form of political power as well? What do you guys think?

Pros and Cons of Grad School

Hello classmates!The below website discusses the pros and cons of Grad School for any major or discipline. Pros of Grad School include advancing your degree and career, exploring teaching and research opportunities, completing training, changing job fields, and enjoying new challenges. Cons of Grad School involve costs, time requirements, and terrifying theses. Other topics of this website include types of graduate school programs, balancing school with family life, and funding for graduate school.

I hope you enjoy the website!

Sounding Like You Know Stuff in a Report: Final Steps for Module #3

Identify the Value Proposition: Write Your Findings Like a Whitepaper

Effective reports, whether they’re internal or for an outside audience, identify a clear value proposition for their audience. They explain, early on, what value they will add to the audience’s understanding, based on the report.

Consider this excerpt from a whitepaper on digital marketing:

A screenshot of the B2B Digital Marketing Playbook

In this case, the value-add is right there in that first heading: they’re providing a new approach to business-to-business (B2B) digital marketing.

Be Clear In Each Section of Your Report Why That Section Matters

Once you identify your value proposition, it needs to be integrated into each section:

  • Executive Summary: Why is the reader reading this report? Clearly spell out the value proposition.
  • Method: How does the research you conducted add new knowledge for the reader of the report, in regards to this value proposition?
  • Audience: What specific audience are you trying to help the reader of the report add value to? Why is this a key audience for them?
  • Trends: What trends in your research are examples of this value proposition?
  • Take-Away: What actions should the reader of the report take to get better at this value proposition?

What’s Due Tuesday at Midnight

So, this is what should come into Blackboard by Tuesday at midnight:

  1. Cover Letter (including how you individually participated in creating your group’s documents)
  2. 1-3 page Content Recommendation Report

Power + Privilege = Responsibility: Class Notes for 10/24/17

Key Take-Away: With Great Power…

If you accept the premise that some of us are born with unearned advantages, then it follows that those of us with certain privileges have a responsibility to help those who don’t. I call this the “power / privilege equation.” You take privileges you have that other don’t, generate abilities you have because of those privileges, and then think about concrete actions you can take to help those less fortunate.

Two ways I encourage people to think about contributing to causes once they graduate college are:

  • Creating fundraising campaigns between your workplace and a local cause or non-profit
  • Creating service programs where your workplace provides services at no cost to a local non-profit

Power / Privilege Equation for 301

A photo of the whiteboard for 10/24 for section 301

Power / Privilege Equation for 302

A photo of the whiteboard for 10/24 for section 302

Power, Privilege, and the Professional You: Teacher Response to Homework #5

General Business Keeping

Grades on Blackboard. The following is a response to Homework #5. We’ll discuss Homework #4 as we work through Module #3.

You don’t have to agree with other people’s life choices and experiences, but you do have to respect them

Everyone has had different experiences and have made different choices in response to those experiences. Many of those decisions are made on the relative amount of power and privilege individuals experience. It’s easy to judge someone who is homeless or in poverty as a failure, but we don’t know what experiences led them down that path. We don’t know what obstacles they faced along the way.

Don’t assume you understand someone else’s identity

Even if you share certain aspects of your identity with someone else, don’t assume you understand their experience of that identity. This is what conversation is for. When you assume you understand someone else’s identity, you risk offending them and, worse, making them feel unwelcome in a professional environment. If you have a question about identity, always ask permission to ask about it, and if permission is granted, be kind and inquisitive, not judgmental.

If you respect others’ life choices and experiences and don’t assume you understand their identity, you will be a good partner

All the tips for being a good partner boil down to this: be respectful, be inquisitive, and meet people where they’re at. Though most of us want to rule, the current economy is largely based on service: customer service, client service, inter-departmental service within organizations. What do all those things have in common? SERVICE. And being good at service means being good at being respective, inquisitive, and meeting people where they’re at.

Good Social Media Strategy Is Goal-Oriented: Teacher Response to Module #2

General Business Keeping

Grades on Blackboard. Check there for individual feedback as well.

Key learning from this module

Social media strategy =

clear, measurable, and achievable goals +

authentic (real), focused, and consistent presence +

maintenance tasks +

triggers for when tasks are to be performed

Make sure your goals are MAST

If you set clients up with goals that aren’t measurable, they won’t know when they’ve achieved their goals and you’ll end up looking like a failure in their eyes. You also need to make sure their goals are achievable, however, or the same result can occur.

Make sure your tasks are completely clear

It’s also important to use language that makes all elements of your strategy clear. Language like “create consistent page activity,” for instance, isn’t useful, because it doesn’t explain what to do in a clear, consistent manner. You need to include what this activity looks like with language that is native to the platform you are using (e.g. “post a video to YouTube about X,” “post a Tweet on Y topic,” etc.).