Cover Letters for Modules

Cover letters for this class are letters to me, your instructor, that cover some aspects of design in a substantive way. They are written as a preface to each of your modules.

For each cover letter, you may choose ANY ONE of the design elements, principles, or laws discussed in Chapter 5 of White space is not your enemy to discuss. Choose an aspect set that is the most meaningful to you, given what we are working on in class. Your cover letter should be at least a couple paragraphs and should detail your growing understanding of the aspect of design you are focusing on.

These letters are practices in creating design notes, or notes for any aspect of design when completing a project. Some designers keep a design notebook, for instance, in which they jot down ideas, tips, resources, sketches, etc. Other designers have blogs, web pages, Google docs, or collections of bookmarks that they want to refer to back to.

So: practice being strategic in choosing what you reflect on. You might, for instance, want to record your research process for a certain project because you want to replicate this process in the future. Or you might want to make a list of all the ways you experimented with layout in one of your modules so you’ll have this list for other, similar, projects.

You can format these ‘letters’ however you wish: as memos, bulleted lists, personal letters, stories, etc. What I’ll be looking for is a deep and substantive reflection on a particular aspect of design and thus evidence of learning.

For more information about the aspects of design covered in White space is not your enemy, see Chapter 5 (pgs. 46-64).

Additional design resources from the authors can be found at: