Great Class

I just wanted to thank you for offering this class.  At first it was hard to grasp how much is included in the UX field, but I have gained a valuable understanding of this line of work. I also appreciate you arranging for our guest speaker. I am sorry that I cannot take your next class on web design and content. Unfortunately, the first class that I took in 2012 was 7766, and you can only take this class twice. Of course, if I just had the extra bucks I would simply take anyway. The next class is full of information that I have been trying to find in a class here at ECU the whole time I have been in the program. When I originally took 7766 back in the summer session in 2012, it was titled something like,  Special Seminar in Communication and Emerging Technologies. The gist of the class is that we had to download a free version of Dreamweaver and create three webpages. We also did a lot of reading about CSS. Unfortunately, when you have no experience in the area of creating webpages, the last thing you need to do is to have to create pages in Dreamweaver. Well, somehow I managed to do it, by it, I mean meet the minimal requirements for the pages-of course I had to go online and find tutorials on how to use Dreamweaver. I believe the class you are getting ready to teach is going to cover a lot of the basics and the information on Joomla and Drupals is also the kind of information that I have been searching for. I know your students will learn a lot in this class.

L. High Final Project

High ENGL 7745 Wireframe 1
High ENGL 7745 Wireframe 1
High ENGL 7766 Wireframe 2
High ENGL 7766 Wireframe 2


Three examples:

1. University of Colorado, Denver

2. Indiana University

3.  Thompson Rivers University Website Wireframes

Team Three Final Project

Hello All,

Attached are the three wireframes and grading criteria questions for our final project. Thanks one and all for an interesting and informative semester. Have a great summer!


Team Three

Cristy Binder, Shane Haas, & Sarah Robbins

ENGL 7766 Final Project Grading Criteria Questions

ENGL 7766 Final Project Wireframe 1 – Robbins

ENGL 7766 Final Project Wireframe 2 – Haas

ENGL 7766 Final Project Wireframe 3 – Binder

Team 1: Final Project

The following are Team 1’s Final Projects Documents.

1. Team 1: Final Report

Team 1: UX Flow Process

2.  Bookshelf Database

3.  Bookshelf Questionnaire

4.  Department of English Faculty Book Publication Form

5.  Effective Examples of Genre

6.  Clean Black-and-White Sketch of Proposed Design of Faculty Bookshelf

Close-up Before Color Labels Removed Elongated Sketch Image

7.  Usability Test Feedback

8.  Used in Design & Additional Faculty Bookshelf Book Covers

9.  Publications Subject List

10.  Faculty Bookshelf Design

Full Faculty Bookshelf Design


– Lindsay and Suzan

Nick’s Final Project

The documents for my final project are below. I attempted to create a comprehensive compilation of documents to aid in redesigning the undergraduate portion of the website.

1. Annotated Screenshots Compilation (1 of 2) (pdf)

2. Annotated Screenshots Compilation (2 of 2) (pdf)

3. Wireframes Compilation (pdf)

4. Guide to Page-Level Changes (pdf)

5. Undergraduate Content Inventory-Audit (Final) (pdf)

6. Current Undergraduate Site Map (pdf)

7. Proposed Undergraduate Site Map (pdf)


Response To Module 5 and Thoughts about Recommendations

Official grades on Blackboard, as per the norm.

Overall: I continue to be humbled by the amazing work I’m seeing in this class, and I can’t wait to see final projects. You folks are really giving me inspiration for where to go with the department website.

Thoughts about final projects

I eagerly await these. As you work towards them, remember that UX only goes so far before an official redesign happens. Meaning: even “high-fidelity” deliverables like wireframes are not meant to replicate getting in there and changing things. They are prototypes and indicators of possible directions.

Remember to cross-pollinate

You all have done great work to reenvision the website so far, all of which is catalogued under the Student Posts for Modules category. Like an idea from someone else’s sketch? Use it. Need to think how a particular persona would interact with your wireframe? It’s right there.

Regarding usability testing for final projects

Remember that usability tests, especially quick and dirty ones, don’t have to be with an actual user of a product or service. At this point in the semester, you are unlikely to get any of our user groups to sit down and do a usability test. Use your friends. Use your family. Use your fellow grad students who aren’t in this class. Anyone not on the design team (aka a member of this class) is fair game.

Don’t forget all the requirements for the final project

They are all there for a reason ;-). It’s important that I’m able to assess where you got ideas from, your process for producing your final projects, and most importantly: how you see them.

And,  as usual: feel free to ask questions as they arise.

Team 1: Module 5

Team 1 Module 5

We have decided to do the Faculty Bookshelf for our Final Project.  There are multiple reasons for this.  Administration and faculty have expressed an interest in this because it’s a good way of marketing the accomplishments and achievements.  They also like to know what their fellow academics are working on.  This information will also be helpful for students in their academic projects and research.  Furthermore, it’s a good way to showcase the research and resources for the community.

Faculty Bookshelf Page Proposals



  • Sketches


      • See separate jpg files

Lindsay Sketch


suzan-sketches0001 suzan-sketches0002suzan-sketches0003Possible page features


      • Provide multiple sorting options similar to faculty profiles, e.g., search by subject, author, etc.
      • Feature a different author each month (a mini interview/profile–some kind of fresh content that humanizes the works)
      • Include a link next to each listing identifying/connecting it to the professor’s profile.  Include a link on the professor profile to the bookshelf?
      • Should the list have icons?  Amazon links or goodreads?


  • Usability testing


      • Find a book by [author]
      • Find a book on [subject]
      • Find a book with [keyword] in the title
      • Find a recently published book


  • Recommendations


    • Conduct usability testing on various sketches
    • Based on results of usability testings, create a prototype faculty bookshelf page
    • Compile a database of publication details culled from faculty profiles (similar to a content audit)
    • Conduct a survey to obtain updated publication details from faculty members
    • Create a submissions form to facilitate future additions/updates to the page

– Lindsay and Suzan