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UX Design and Business

Over the past few weeks, I’ve started to notice how much UX design and business seem to overlap, especially in my own workplace.  Here is a site that takes a look at some of the connections.  I found it to be quite an interesting read!

UX Design Community/Resources

When learning about and exploring a new topic, I’ve always found that it is good to have a multitude of resources available as well as an engaged community.  Below is a link to a site that offers a lot of resources for UX designers and enthusiasts (magazines, blogs, videos, etc.).  I have spent some time going through some of the material and I’ve found it quite informative.  Check it out! (Note that it does say 2016, but there is updated material available.)

UX Library Website

Being new to UX, I had to do a lot of research to get (somewhat) up to speed.  Even after just a couple of hours browsing around, I came across a lot of interesting and helpful material on this site.  I hope this can be of use to someone.  It was to me!

Introduction–Cameron Blackburn

Hello everyone!

My name is Cameron Blackburn and I am in my second semester in the TPC program.  I am taking this course in order to gain more knowledge and experience with designing electronic content.  I am most excited about learning the philosophies of designing content and how different theories and approaches may be used in order to achieve the best possible user experience in a given situation.  I believe this knowledge will be especially beneficial for me in the long-term, as I wish to pursue a PhD in rhetoric and composition after completing the MA program.  As far as fears are concerned, I am usually a bit cautious when it comes to using new or unfamiliar technologies.  Regarding my writing style, I would say I am more of an essayist than anything, though I do enjoy writing an occasional poem.  As mentioned earlier, I do wish to eventually obtain a PhD, and it is my hope that I can use my academic knowledge and experience to help advance in the company for which I work.  I would like to be a member of the team that designs technical documents used in daily business operations.  Through my participation in this course, I hope to gain new insights into different topics and issues as they relate to user experience.  I am sure everyone will have much to offer throughout this endeavor, and I look forward to working and learning with all of you.