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Interaction Design and affordances in virtual reality

This article is very interesting, if you like the concept and creation of VR. I found the concept of interaction design to be too similar to UX design for me to fully understand how it was a different concept this week. I also didn’t realize that affordances could exist beyond those explained in the reading. This article sheds some light on utilizing interaction design and new affordances in the developing world of VR. By reading the application of IaD in VR, I realized how important the actual physical processes of interacting with an object are. It shapes our experience just as much as the digital design elements do. Also, it was cool to see that these people invented a new affordance to solve their interaction design dilemma.

Laws of UX

Front-end designer Jon Yoblinski has created a website which uses simple illustrations to represent 10 essential UX  laws or maxims that every UX and UI designer needs to know. He plans to add more laws to the website as time progresses, but check them out as they are now. As this article explains, ” Clicking on any of the laws from Laws of UX’s home page takes you to a longer description each law’s history, along with Yablonski’s sources and a link to download his design for that law as a poster.”

The link to the actual website can be found here.

I hope that you all find this information useful in your future UX design endeavors!

Intro- Catheryn Moody

Hello all!

This is my last class of my MA degree in English- Technical and Professional Communication and I couldn’t be more excited! I am taking an internship this semester as well so this is my only actual class this semester. I hope to find a new career after graduation, preferably in the technical writing sphere.

I’ve taken a course with Dr Getto in the past which was formatted a lot like this one. We got a little intro to UX in that course, so I’m not completely in the dark about it thankfully. I see a lot of people writing about how nervous they are about this course, but I must say that based on my prior experience with him, Dr Getto is extremely approachable and enjoys teaching newbies so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Also, if you’re into the TPC field I recommend joining the local chapter of STC. Dr Getto is the current president and they hold fairly regular meetings so it would be a good chance to meet your online professor as well as prepare for a future career in the field.

I look forward to working with everyone this semester! Email me if you still need a group because I don’t have one yet.