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New Library Website

A month or so ago, I shared that the library at the community college I work at was redesigning their website. I was somewhat disappointed with their “updated” site, and today was even more frustrated when I wanted to renew the book I had checked out. I know that they were basically choosing from stock platforms/templates, but wanted some feedback on a few particulars; however, I feel that this new site falls flat, especially as UX is concerned. Have a look, see what you think – in fact, if you can figure out how to renew a book, let me know…

UX Everywhere

Before this class, I had heard of User Testing, but had never really thought seriously about it. Now that I am in this class, it feels like it is everywhere!

I was in the Library at the community college I work at and happened to overhear a librarian ask two students if they would have a look at a prototype website and give feedback.

I emailed her that afternoon and she shared the following:

Good morning!!

Yes; I was trying to find a mix batch so the more the better! This will be the 2nd ‘overhaul’ and I’ve asked for some instructor feedback on what they like and don’t like on our current site. One thing that came up was “too many access points” and confusion over the tabs. Another thing that we are about to implement is a one search/discovery search with a platform called Summon that is available for free through NCLIVE.
Here is the preview:

You can compare it to the current website. You could even ask your classes to make pro/con lists if you want to include them. 
I’d love to hear any concerns, questions, etc. We, as well as most community colleges, use SpringShare and the website is actually a libguide with a fair amount of custom coding. 
Let me know if you have any questions!
Maybe you’ll have a chance to take a look. Best!



My name is Katie and this is my third semester in the TPC MA program. I still feel very unsure about most of it, although I have enjoyed all of it and am grateful for that.

I’ve had a pleasant experience with group work at the graduate level so far, so I’m hopeful that this semester will be the same experience.

Currently I teach non-credit courses at a community college. This is my third year of that, although I did it for one year way back in 2006. I have kiddos, and my husband is also in college, so our house is crazy, typically disorganized, chaos all of the time. That’s just our season right now.

As far as what type of writer I am, I guess the most honest answer would be that right now, I write for school and work. My future career goals would be to work in a publishing house, although the past two semesters have me a bit confused as to what I would actually do in that publishing house…

Here’s to a great semester!