General Evaluation Criteria
Explanation of How To Do Cover Letters for Modules

Module 1: Project Planning and User Engagement
Module 2: Contextual Inquiry and UX Strategy
Module 3: Information Architecture and Content Strategy
Module 4: Interaction Design, Prototyping, and Usability

We will be using UXPin‘s prototyping software and UserTesting‘s usability software throughout the course, which have been generously made available to us for free.

UXPin offers a free thirty-day trial when you sign up at this link:  After doing so, follow these instructions to keep your account free until you graduate.

The UXPin Logo

UserTesting can be accessed at this link:  Follow these instructions: UserTesting_Instructions.PDF. Our code for the course is: UX-CG1.

The UserTesting logo

In addition, as an overall project for the course, you will be helping to conduct research for a planned redesign of the North Carolina Coastal Atlas.

NC Coastal Atlas Logo