New Library Website

A month or so ago, I shared that the library at the community college I work at was redesigning their website. I was somewhat disappointed with their “updated” site, and today was even more frustrated when I wanted to renew the book I had checked out. I know that they were basically choosing from stock platforms/templates, but wanted some feedback on a few particulars; however, I feel that this new site falls flat, especially as UX is concerned. Have a look, see what you think – in fact, if you can figure out how to renew a book, let me know…

One thought on “New Library Website”

  1. Hi Katie. I took a look at the website you mentioned. While it does have all the components one would expect from a library website (I’m a librarian), I have to agree that it does fall flat. One of my favorite library websites is the New York Public Library website. In my opinion, it gets you excited about the library and offers you more than simply a bunch of different links to click on. I think this website could definitely benefit from adding more color and way more visuals.

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