2 thoughts on “Rodger Barons Revised Strategy Kit”

  1. The Rodger Barons team effectively described the problems of their assigned parts of the NCCA website through detailed findings and a well-thought-out persona. They were able to demonstrate their chosen strategies in a coherent manner, and backed up their recommendations with sound research. Their case for improvement of the atlas was compelling.

  2. **What do you think about this team’s UX Strategy Kit and what it recommends regarding a potential redesign of the NCCA website?

    This team’s UX Strategy Kit does a good job explaining the problems they identified in the current NCCA website design and offered suggestions for how to fix those problems. I would recommend, however, that this team take a few items into consideration when revising their kit for final submission. First, the way this group writes their report could be considered inappropriate if it were to be submitted to a real client. The language used it a mix between too casual and abrasive at times. Although the point of this kit is to point out flaws in the website, a little more tact could be used in the choice of wording so that the client doesn’t feel attacked. This may be more of a suggestion for the “real world” rather than for this particular assignment, since the main audience is the teacher, but it is something to consider. Also, there were times when the report switch from talking about what the group did, to using the pronoun “I” to explain what was completed. Although I’m sure different group members completed different sections of this report, the entire report should refer to any work completed as though the entire group completed the task. There were some instances of repeated words, wrong word choice, and grammar mistakes throughout the report so I recommend someone read through the report for editing before final submission.

    **Is it clear what design recommendations they are making and why?

    This team successfully mentioned the problems they identified in the website and how the client could fix those problems. This team clearly labeled their design recommendations in separate sections throughout the report, as well as in the main executive summary.

    ** Has the team documented all their findings sufficiently using concrete examples?

    This team uses examples to illustrate the problems they identified, and also offered concrete examples of how to fix those problems. This team even explained how the broken links could be monitored and fixed for future website design consideration.

    **Has the team exemplified all recommendations by referencing their research?

    All recommendations made by this team were made within the context of the specific research method they used to identify the problems they did. Each research method had its own section of the report and recommendations were made in reference to that research within their respective sections.

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