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Teacher Response to Module #4: The Finish Line (Not Really)

Business Keeping

Grades and individual feedback on Blackboard. Be sure you check as I have given each of you targeted feedback for your final project.

Key learning from this module

Prototyping =

modeling possible design choices for a client

+ justifying those choices via appropriate verbal or written communication

+ making a possible future for a digital product or service visible to a client

What you’ve experienced in this class is but one leg of the UX journey

As hard as this may be to believe, this class has pretty much been modeled on one design sprint. A design sprint is usually a 2-week process for building (or rebuilding) one or more elements of a digital product or service.

So, yes: UXers in industry accomplish everything we’ve accomplished in this class in 2 weeks (or less).

And yes, I’ve done a design sprint or two like that. They are NOT FUN.

I mention this not to undercut any of the great work you’ve done in this class (you really have, seriously!), but to give you a picture of your possible future life as a UX designer in industry, should you choose that route.

That being said, the median salary for these jobs is about $75K a year, so they are definitely good jobs to have!

Please feel free to add anything you’ve done in this class to your portfolio

The way to build a UX portfolio is to save deliverables from projects (prototypes, usability testing scripts, content audits, etc.). You always need permission from clients to share these. I’m giving you permission to add anything from this class to your portfolio.

For the future professors in the course: if you want to write about some of the stuff you’ve done in this class, that’s also possible, but please talk to me first. There are certain things you won’t be able to write about, but there is much you could write about.

I look forward to seeing your final projects!

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