3 thoughts on “The Moody UXers UX Strategy Kit”

  1. The first thing I would like to say is that your kit is beautifully formatted. The sections are clearly defined and intuitive, you do a great job of using different-level headers, and the body paragraphs are well-written and descriptive without overloading the novice reader with overly technical information.

    There are only two things I wonder about from a design standpoint. The first is whether you want your abstract on the title page, since Abstract is typically a header on the same level as Executive Summary and Analysis, which follow on the next page. The second thing is whether you want to use a landscape layout for your Persona and your Contact Us prototype. I understand your reasoning for doing so, but then again, you didn’t do that for your other prototype, and while conformity for the sake of conformity is never a good thing, there is much to be said for consistency.

    But incredible job overall. My hat would be off to your team if I wore hats.

  2. I hit “Post” before I should have, but I also wanted to say that you make a good case for the changes you propose for thematic and coastal maps. Breaking them down into categories would be very helpful for users who don’t already know exactly what they want going in.

    I’m a big fan of simplicity, but I don’t know that I see the advantage of your redesign of the Contact Us form over the way it looks now. The method for inputting your name, email address, and feedback is straightforward enough, but there is little indication on the page of what will be done with it once the user submits it. You do address that in your redesign, though, which is good.

    I don’t particularly care what the Partner icons look like, but I could see the appeal of replacing the existing field with a drop-down menu (again, the simplicity thing).

  3. The Moody UXers have put together quite an impressive strategy kit. I am especially impressed with its organization and clarity. They have some solid recommendations for improvement of the NCCA site as well. The recommendations they have made for the site are clearly expressed and are explained by specific examples from their research findings. Their research is thorough and their findings have been documented with specific examples of what was found. The research is clearly and evidently the foundation for their recommendations. They know their target users and they have created a plan to make changes based of their needs (in part by eliminating unnecessary items, which I have found to be something of a trend). Great work!

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