2 thoughts on “The Rodger Barons UX Strategy Kit”

  1. Barons–your kit is very well organized and thorough. You do a great job of spelling out your redesign recommendations and the reasons for them. My remarks all concern minor issues, but they might be worth a look.

    I do like your use of the term “humanize” regarding the NCCA help team (because we had also identified the glaring need for contact information), but I wonder if it’s really the word you want. Presumably there are humans, not bots, at the other end of the clicks.

    It is always sufficient to put a period after “etc.” An ellipsis (“…”) implies that there was something else you had intended to write but didn’t get around to it, or else words from a direct quote that you decided to leave out.

    For your persona, the spelling is “hobbyist”.

    You did a good job outlining the problems that arose from the lack of Flash Plugin. I especially like that you tested for this across browsers.

    On page 9: hinderances=hindrances. Also, consider that most people who don’t live near the coast (and even many who do) are likely to be unfamiliar with the coastline.

    On page 11, you have what look like random page numbers at the top and bottom left corners.

    Bottom of page 11: I would suggest making this a bullet list. In paragraph form, even though the elements are numbered, it’s too easy for them to blend in with the surrounding text.

  2. Other than what was already mentioned, I don’t see any problems with this. It’s straightforward and provides sound reasoning and a great explanation of the website’s shortcomings as well as great suggestions for improvement.

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