4 thoughts on “These Are Not the Baldwins You’re Looking For UX Strategy Kit”

  1. **What do you think about this team’s UX Strategy Kit and what it recommends regarding a potential redesign of the NCCA website?

    This team’s UX Strategy Kit does a good job explaining what needs to be changed on the NCCA website to improve usability. They offer concrete examples of areas of weakness and offer suggestions for how to remedy the problem areas of the site. I would recommend that this team include a list of all of the design recommendations they make throughout the report in the initial executive summary, as the assignment directions indicate. This will actually help the client because it will offer a quick reference option to keep track of all of the design recommendations made, instead of needing to flip back and forth through the document to find all the suggestions.

    **Is it clear what design recommendations they are making and why?

    Although the executive summary needs to include all of the team’s design recommendations, the rest of the report does include clear design recommendations with supporting examples for why the changes need to be made.

    **Has the team documented all their findings sufficiently using concrete examples?

    This team has documented all of their design recommendations within each section of the report and has offered explanation to support their recommendations. For example, the team explained that the Contact Us page does not meet the audience needs because it does not connect the user with an actual person in charge of the website. The team then offered a recommendation that the page be updated to include an address, phone number, and email address; as well as suggest that the contact form be changed to reflect the required or optional fields.

    **Has the team exemplified all recommendations by referencing their research?

    This team references their card sort, content audit, and usability testing not only in the executive summary but also throughout the report in each of the research areas’ respective section. The areas of weak design and the redesign recommendations based on the team’s research is highlighted throughout the report and in such a way which highlights the importance of their findings.

  2. I feel like the Baldwins team clearly identified the areas needed for improvement of the NCCA site. The executive summary was well-written and spelled out the team’s research on their assigned site areas, as well as their intentions for remedying the problems. The research analysis was thorough and the resulting suggestions for revision and redesign were readily apparent. The team repeatedly made reference to test results as justification for their recommendations, which enabled them to present cohesive project solutions.

  3. I think the Baldwins did a nice job of building a well-organized strategy kit that includes a good number of recommendations. It may be beneficial to have all of the changes that are recommended included in the executive summary, however (as noted earlier by Cathryn). The design recommendations are specifically and clearly stated in a neat bullet point format. There is no question as to what they believe needs to be improved upon on the NCCA site. Their findings were documented sufficiently and they also provided concrete examples throughout. It is evident that the team made recommendations based off of their research because each piece of research contributes to the reports they have written. Nicely done!

  4. I think your group did a good job. You gave great depth in the explanation of what your users did during the usertesting process. I think it’s great you included the link to the prototype because I couldn’t really see the pictures. You might want to consider doing the same with the persona. The image is zoomed out (at least it is on my computer). I can see it, but I have to strain. Other than that, great job!

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