UX Design and Business

Over the past few weeks, I’ve started to notice how much UX design and business seem to overlap, especially in my own workplace.  Here is a site that takes a look at some of the connections.  I found it to be quite an interesting read!


One thought on “UX Design and Business”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Cameron! I may actually pick up a couple of the books mentioned in this article.

    One thing that stood out to me, and something that I have been reflecting on during this class, is the tightrope that UX designers seem to walk between the stakeholders and the users. This article mentions the tendency of UX design teams to lean toward the creative side versus the business side, largely due to the fact UX is user-focused versus stakeholder-focused. While UX designers must focus on the user experience, they must also keep the stakeholders in mind. I think our gut reaction is to tell the stakeholders to “suck it up” and give the users what they want; however, the stakeholders have to take ownership of end product and be passionate about it. If not, the product will ultimately deteriorate to a point of uselessness or nonexistence. This ultimately points to the importance of working with stakeholders on a UX strategy. If stakeholders feel that they have had a say at the table, then they can take ownership of the UX strategy and the product moving forward.

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