Robbins: Final Project

Hello everyone –

Well it has been fast and furious but it is also hard to believe we are at the end of this course. When I think back to my first stumbling through code and FTP, I am amazed at the difference a few short weeks makes. I am still not where I’d like to be – but of course I believe content is always a work in progress right? Even WordPress seemed to want to throw me for a loop the first few times I worked within the platform but in just a few times it has become a more intuitive.

You guys have truly been great classmates! Your feedback was excellent and kind yet constructive. I’ve truly enjoyed the class. I hope to run into each of you in future courses (if any of you are still around – I’ll be here a while)!

Here is the link to my site. I have added some more content (with much more to go) as well as more pictures. I like the tree better but for the life of me can’t get it to be bigger… I LOVE the picture I found of my Grandmother – who inspired the project – at age 18. Those of you that have mentioned tackling a similar site for your family I highly encourage you. It has been very rewarding.

Robbins: Final Project – Cox Family History

Faust Final Project

Hey guys and gals,

I have loved seeing your projects.  Seriously, they are amazing…can you even remember what they looked like the first week?!?!?

Here is my final draft.  I wish I had taught AP World History before so I could have documents and Powerpoints put into the structure but I hope I created enough structure so that it will be easy to fill in once the documents are created.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions, even ones as simple as change the link color.  They were ALL really helpful especially after tunnel vision set in.

Best of luck to you all!!

Final Project

Hall – Final Project

Hey everyone,

I want to thank everyone for their feedback along the way, and I look forward to seeing your sites at the end. I hope you will all consider keeping your projects alive and migrating them to new sites, because I think you’ve done really good work and have cool ideas. Visually, this final update from me might not look too different, but it was mostly about fleshing out the remaining content that I had on the agenda and cleaning some things up.

Thanks again,


Link to the site

Campbell–Final Project

Link to the home page of my final project.

I appreciate all of the great feedback from peers and instructor alike–every suggestion was rock solid, and I incorporated I think every one. I have a few non-functioning items that I left in (namely, the search bars and the contact form). It would have probably made more sense to leave them out as they are not working right now, but I wanted to leave them in because I really do plan on pursuing those in the coming weeks. Although I don’t (yet) have the skill to make them work, I know there are people in my building who do have that knowledge. I am pretty sure I can convince my boss of their value and make it work out.

I look forward to seeing all of your final products, I thank you again for your constructive feedback, I hope to see all of you again in future classes, and please feel free to drop me an email if there is anything I can ever help with (


Edit 24 June 14: Odd, but some of my pages did not seem to FTP correctly (still shows the old content) and something happened to my CSS because the text on the yellow background was changed to black and it still shows up as white when viewed online. I’ll have it sorted out by this evening.


I had reworked my pages and uploaded them last night. I checked them at home and everything looked OK. When I relooked them this morning at work, a lot of the old junk was back in there and my styles were all messed up. I was stumped for a bit until hit “refresh” on my browser. Probably obvious to you all, but figured I would pass it along in case any of you hit that roadblock.

Response to Final Project Drafts

You will receive individual comments via email.

Some general things to think about as you work to complete your final projects

  1. Progress, not perfection: the goal of having you create your own grading criteria via the grading criteria questions, besides encouraging you to own your learning process, is to get away from a one-size-fits-all approach. Different projects will have different strengths and weaknesses. The goal is that I see progress from where you individually started in the course, and an attention to conventions you articulate through grading criteria.
  2. That being said, push hard: I do expect strong drafts of final projects, however. They don’t have to be perfect. They don’t have to even be finished in the sense of their final iteration, but I want to see evidence that you accomplished what you set out to accomplish.
  3. Ask questions: this may seem a given, but I always like to remind learners that if you are stuck, ask. Ask your peers. Ask me. Ask someone.

Returning your content to you after the class ends

In general, you should save all web files, code, and content you create when you’re designing, but as all of you are tied up in my personal hosting space, I will of course return all your content to you at the end of the class. To make sure none of it is lost, I will leave the sites you have built up for a while.

Those of you using WordPress will receive an exported XML file that you can import into any WordPress installation (even a to retrieve all your content. You’ll need to save all custom code as well as record every setting you changed, however, because those will not be preserved. Again, I’ll err on the side of leaving things up for the meantime, so don’t worry too much.

For those (one) of you who went the RPK route: you should have access to everything you built, because you created all your own files. I will leave your site up, too, for the time being, though, just to be safe.

If for any reason you want me to take your site you built for this class down, that’s perfectly fine. I’ll just need about a week’s notice.

Campbell–Final Draft

Apologies for the delay–had my dates mixed up and been one of those weeks at work. Here is my (not so) final draft:

Style Page

I continue to wrestle with making my search boxes work, and I am working (thanks to Nick) on getting my text to look a bit better. Somehow in all of that, I have caused some problems with my home page. I will sort that out tomorrow, as I don;t have required software on my home PC.

Thanks for feedback!


Robbins: Final Draft

Hi guys

This is still very much a draft. I like the header – I used pics of my Grandmother’s writing. I was trying to make the tree static on just the Family Tree page but couldn’t quite figure it out. So for now it is transparent background on all pages. I don’t think I like it though -it makes the text hard to read.

Also I’m trying to change the order of the pages at the top. I also might want to put those in the format of a menu. I am linking the names on the Family Tree page to content. I have some more to put in as well. I also want to put in more pics but I am out of town until the end of the week – then I can go dig through the trunk and find them.

Thanks for the feedback. SB