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My Cat

My Cat Jackie

A photo of my cat Jackie“Are you a cat person or a dog person?” To be honest, I’ve never really understood the thinking behind that question, but among fellow pet owners your answer to it seems to be the equivalent to declaring your allegiance to one of the warring kings on Game of Thrones. I’ve always chosen pets based on how well we get along. I’ve met dogs with whom I didn’t get along, but my first pet when I was a kid was a dog. The same goes with cats, eels, hissing cockroaches, etc. To each their own animal, be it reptile, insect, or mammal, would be my motto, if I ever start having a motto about owning pets.

My wife and I met Jackie at a local shelter and fell in love almost instantly. Jackie is very friendly, but also doesn’t take immediately to everyone. In the words of her bio at the shelter, “she’s a big girl, and she knows what she wants,” and isn’t afraid to say so, such as when you are trying to feed her and in her enthusiasm to get to her food, she ends up knocking the food out of your hand and all over the kitchen floor.

Like many cats, she has a complex personality that is most often expressed through the many different vocal sounds cats use to communicate with humans. When I asked for her thoughts about having her own page on my website, for example, she responded: “MRyeow?!”

Not really.

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