If you’re currently trying to land your first technical writing job or are simply interested in the field of technical communication, consider attending my pre-conference workshop at the STC Summit this year, co-led by Christina Mayr. The workshop is meant for anyone in their first 1-3 years in the field or who are looking to get into the field.


What You’ll Learn in the How to Land Your First Technical Writing Job Workshop

As part of the workshop, we’ll go through:

  • Job types within the field of technical communication
  • What job preparedness looks like in the field
  • How to search for jobs that are appropriate to your skills and interests
  • How to learn on the job and in preparation for entering the field
  • How to network into the field

This will be 4-hour, interactive workshop where the focus will be on helping participants with tips, techniques, and tricks for establishing themselves in tech comm.

Attendees will leave the workshop with: 

  • A better idea of what type of technical communication role is best based on their interests, skills, and abilities.
  • How to best showcase their existing skills and abilities in job application materials and a technical writing portfolio. 
  • A personalized learning and upskilling plan to land their desired role. 
  • Strategies and skills to use during the rest of the conference.

To Learn More, Download This Preview of the Participant Guide for How to Land Your First Technical Writing Job

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