The Definitive Guide to Definitive WordPress Guides

The Definitive Guide to Definitive WordPress Guides

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Welcome to my guide to WordPress guides. I chose the following guides based on my experience working with WordPress as both a user and consultant over the past ten years. This “definitive guide” is by no means exhaustive, but does tell you pretty much everything you need to know to quickly get started making websites and blogs with WordPress.

WordPress is a powerful, open source website development CMS†that was recently called one of the 5 best website builders of 2015.†Many people think WordPress is just, the popular blogging site, but at†you can download the software used to create blogs at and from there can install this software onto any hosting plaform that meets its minimum requirements. With WordPress you can effectively create any kind of site you want at very little cost. The advantages of WordPress are many, and include:

  • it is relatively easy-to-use, whether you know code or not;
  • the software itself is completely free to use and open source, meaning you have access to the full code that runs your site;
  • there is a large support community and lots of documentation to help you develop websites with it;
  • it supports the learning of web design languages–such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, four of the most important web design languages in use today;
  • it supports the learning of effective web content strategy–such as how to manage a lot of information cleanly and sustainably on one site.

The only disadvantages of WordPress I’ve found are:

  • like any open source web development technology there are literally thousands of pages of documentation on WordPress–hence this and other guides;
  • also like other open source technologies: if you don’t know any code at all, you will be limited with what you can do with WordPress;
  • again like other open source tech: you get what you get–WordPress is not perfect and sometimes you have to do troubleshooting, especially with advanced features.

Getting started

What follows is every high-quality, useful, and usable guide to WordPress that I have found during my 6+ years of using WordPress for everything from web design to teaching to blogging. I have broken down this guide into several sections, including: Quickstart Guides, General Overviews, Nuts and Bolts, Learning Code for Use with WordPress, and Troubleshooting. Happy designing! Feel free to contact me with any questions about WordPress or web design in general or to suggest another link for this resource.

Quickstart Guides

General Overviews

Search Engine Optimzation

Nuts and Bolts

Learning Code for Use with WordPress