Mexico has elected a new president!

This is an article from the Houston Chronicle talking about what this new president could mean for trade and the relationship between the US and Mexico.

I think he will be very good for Mexico. Every politician is corrupt to a point but the previous president took it to a different level.

Please! Everyone keep up with International news!

unless you’re a nationalist like trump

Forbes: “Why Most Retailers Need A Website With Good User Experience”

I think this article is pretty efficient at describing a lot of what we took away from our Module 4 projects. It talks about a recent survey by Which? Magazine that ranks UK retailers’ websites in terms of their user experience. It shows that the top websites are personal, intuitive to use, and present their products and relevant deals to consumers in a straightforward way. The worst sites are clunky, have content not representative of their brand, and require more work than need be at checkout. The article raises a good point that I saw after my user experience studies: businesses that do not have the money to focus on their website should not ignore the digital side of business, but can be simple and direct their users to what they can find in the store.



One thing I want to point out is something I learned in Dr. Caswell’s class:

When you are presenting a PowerPoint, do not self-deprecate. I repeat: don’t self-deprecate. It never goes over well. I remember one time at Central Carolina Community College, a girl started her presentation by telling a joke about her coffee spilling… then said, “Thank goodness I wore brown today.” And… it just didn’t work. She came off as small. Had she not pointed out the spill, nobody would have really noticed it. Then the classroom just stared at her like “Uh, okay.” And then she said something about her cat.

To make a long story short, it was pretty much like the Titanic. And you know what they said about the Titanic? That it couldn’t sink. Well, guess what? IT DID, and the same applies to that joke you think will help you sail in the presentation.

Here is a page you should all read.