A little girl staring at a sandwhich saying "mmm I want extra crap on my shit sandwich"

Conquering the Shit Sandwich: Teacher Response to Module #2

General Business Keeping

Grades on Blackboard, as per the norm. You also receive individualized feedback on modules, however, so be sure to check for that and make changes to future documents based on my feedback to avoid future grade penalty.

Key learning from this module

An effective content audit =

make use of the shit sandwich +

using the findings of your audit to educate your client +

putting analysis adjacent to examples so your client understands what aspect of their website you’re referring to +

giving your client a way out of the shit sandwich by providing concrete recommendations

The most important part of an audit is to be kind, but real

The reason the shit sandwich is so important during a content audit is that there is a tension when someone hires you to effectively critique a website they paid money for. If they have asked for an audit, they know something is wrong, but they probably don’t know the extent of the damage. Using the shit sandwich cushions their ego while allowing you to give them the low-down on where their website has gone wrong.

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