A small dog standing on its hind legs with the words "fake throw the ball again we'll see who's running"


General Business Keeping

Grades on Blackboard, as per the norm. You also receive individualized feedback on modules, however, so be sure to check for that and make changes to future documents based on my feedback to avoid future grade penalty.

Key learning from this module

An effective blog post =

Using an effective keyword +

Placing this keyword strategically throughout your post +

Using an engaging, eye-catching image +

Using engaging language that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch +

Including a solid call-to-action

The most important part of a blog is providing useful, engaging information

A blog is a great way to generate website traffic. Still one of the best ways, actually. But you need to write blog posts that people will actually read and find useful. You need to draw people in, to charm them into coming back for more.

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