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Now Make the World More Usable: Teacher Response to Module #4

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Grades and individual feedback on Blackboard.

This is a good time to start looking at your overall grade on Blackboard if you haven’t yet. Don’t wait until the end of the class to come to me with any concerns.

Key learning from this module

identified tasks users should perform

+ usability testing

+ showing clear evidence gleaned from usability testing

+ identifying trends from your testing

+ giving clear direction for improving the application you tested

= effective usability report

The need for usability is all around us

If you learned nothing else from this module, know that usability is one of the greatest challenges for technical communicators working today. Current estimates are that up to 97% of websites fail at basic usability. This means that as many as 97% of people experience frustration on a daily basis when they have difficulty, or are unable to, completing core tasks. With electronic systems penetrating all aspects of our lives, from healthcare to education to business to politics, this is a dangerous trend.

People often ask me: if UX experts exist, then why are there so many unusable websites out there? My response is: most people creating websites today, even in the year 2016, don’t consult UX experts. They launch and hope for the best.

If you’re interested in learning more about usability, and the broader field of user experience (UX), I highly recommend joining this organization, which I am affiliated with: http://triuxpa.org/. They’re annual membership fee for students is something around $20.

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