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Mexico has elected a new president!

This is an article from the Houston Chronicle talking about what this new president could mean for trade and the relationship between the US and Mexico.

I think he will be very good for Mexico. Every politician is corrupt to a point but the previous president took it to a different level.

Please! Everyone keep up with International news!

unless you’re a nationalist like trump

News on The Honduran Caravan

If you haven’t been following the news recently, a huge caravan of over 7,000 Hondurans has fled the country. They are hoping to enter the U.S. but are still about 1,000 miles away. Here is a news article from BBC (not as biased as others in my opinion) covering Trump’s reaction and the actions of other countries. It also gives more details about the caravan itself.

A Simple Method to Ace the GRE

Hello classmates!

For those of you Juniors or Seniors that are taking the GRE test for grad school prep, I found an article that can help you survive that test.  The main idea is to think of yourself taking the GRE test, and everything that could go wrong, like falling asleep during the test, getting questions wrong, etc. Then try to take steps now so that the worst case scenario does not happen, like eating better food, sleeping more, and studying for the test. Here is the link;

This Simple Visualization Exercise Will Help You Beat the GRE

Greenville Bless Your Hearts

This is just a local thing done by The Daily Reflector of Greenville. I greatly enjoy reading these a few times a week. Being able to publish a thought or an opinion in a local newspaper makes you feel like your voice is being heard even if you’re just posting something ridiculous. Plus some of the posts can be ignorant and so hilarious. They make me feel so smart.