Use MAST Goals

Your goals should follow the MAST model: Measurable, Achievable, Simple, and Task-Oriented. Notice how this writer follows this model:

  • I will post articles through LinkedIn at least 3 times per week until I gain 100 connections
  • I will attempt to create connections by sending friend requests to at least 5 people per week until I reach 100 connections
  • I plan to reach a large audience of my peers by posting content that targets our similar interests and is easily relatable

Each of these goals are measurable, achievable, simple, and task-oriented, meaning this writer is more likely to succeed at their goals.

Flesh Out Audiences

Your audiences should be detailed depictions of key representatives of each audience. Notice how this writer creates a persona for members of the business community that they’re trying to reach:



Business Owner
Basic Demographics:
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Location: Greenville, North Carolina
Donation: $1,000

Volunteer Habits: John is a member of Jarvis Methodist United Church and fundraises for canned food every Saturday morning for their church in front of different grocery stores such as Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Wal-Mart, and Target.

John first became involved with Jarvis United Methodist Church 17 years ago when he first moved to Greenville to attend school at East Carolina University. He joined the College Sunday School class while at ECU and has been a member of the church ever since. He graduated from ECU with his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and opened up his own business detailing cars, buying and selling cars through his dealer’s license. Him, his wife Ann, and his three children, Paul, Mike, and Elizabeth all fundraise for canned food every Saturday morning at different grocery stores for The Community Crossroads Center.

This writer has a good sense of who they’re marketing to: a real, live person.

Align Goals With Audience Values

You also need to make sure the values these audience members hold align with your goals, however. If your goals don’t line up with what your audience wants, you won’t be successful. Given the above persona, Bob the Business Owner, you have to think about what overlap there is between his values and your goals.

If there’s no overlap between your audience’s values and your goals, you need to either adjust your goals or find a new audience.

Final Step for Module #2

6) 9/29/16 by midnight ET >>

Revise all documents you’ve created. The point of these reviews is to help you improve your writing. This process will be negated if the draft you submit to Eli is the same as the draft you hand in as your final (and end up eventually showing to your community partner). Revise, revise, revise.

Be sure you log in to Eli to see what you reviewers said about your draft as you work on your final draft. Listen to your reviewers and make critical choices to improve your documents based on what they say.

Post your Cover Letter and Social Media Strategy to Blackboard.

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