Your LinkedIn Profile Needs to Stand Out From the Crowd: Teacher Response to Module #1

General Business Keeping

Grades on Blackboard, as per the norm. You also receive individualized feedback on modules, however, so be sure to check for that and make changes to future documents based on my feedback to avoid future grade penalty.

Key learning from this module

An effective LinkedIn profile =

an appropriate professional photo +

a catchy headline that explains your professional goals +

skill sets that are marketable in your field +

a summary that prioritizes skill sets +

work experience that prioritizes these skill sets

Keep on top of skill sets in your field

If I haven’t made this clear: the job market in most industries extremely competitive right now. Hiring managers want to hire people who have the skill sets they are looking for. Take a look at successful people in your network, mine their profiles for skill sets, learn these skill sets, and add them to your profile.


Update your LinkedIn profile regularly

You are also dead in the water on LinkedIn if you never update your profile. At minimum you should be:

  • Adding new positions as soon as you receive them
  • Updating your skill sets as soon as you acquire new ones
  • Adding new connections each week
  • Endorsing other people for their skill sets so that they’ll endorse you
  • Asking for recommendations from past employers

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