Final Project

Note: failure to hand in a complete final project by the deadline can result in a zero for the assignment, as spelled out in the syllabus

Purpose (the WHY)

After doing this assignment, you should be able to:

  • Prepare a finished draft of a specific type of business writing that you have done all the preparation for

What I hope you have been introduced to in this class is many of the standards, conventions, and best practices amongst many common situations of business writing. There are a lot of ways to document information for a specific audience. Whatever final project you produce, it should:

  1. Exist in an accessible and usable format that utilizes effective document design (it should be formatted according to expectations for the specific type you are creating and the audience you are creating it for).
  2. Target a specific, real audience of people (in this case, members of your target market and any of their audiences).
  3. Successfully utilize the best practices common to the genre of writing you are creating, as exemplified by professional writers working in the real world.


These will depend highly on the nature of the the genre of business writing you’re working on, but will most likely include:

  1. a web browser (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)
  2. a word processor, desktop publishing program, or other writing platform

Genre (the WHAT)

Your final project must include:

  • A professional PowerPoint presentation to our client on the essential findings from your market research during the final period for the class
  • A Final Report for our client that details all the research you’ve done this semester

Documents You Must Produce for this Project

The following must be brought to class on Tuesday, 12/12/17 at 8:00 AM:

  • 5-Minute PowerPoint Presentation of Final Project Findings to Client
  • 3 Copies of Final Report

The following must be posted to Blackboard by midnight on Tuesday, 12/12/17:

  1. Cover Letter, which should answer the following questions a) what was your writing process for creating this final project? b) what have you learned about the processes of business writing in this class? c) what have these processes taught you about your roles as a future writer within a specific career?
  2. A copy of your team’s Final Report

Also, please follow the directions below to upload one of your modules:

Follow the directions in this checklist:

Essentially, you need to upload the following to the system indicated at the above link:

1) a major writing project (i.e. Module 1, 2, or 3)
2) a description of the assignment for the project (i.e.
3) a writing-self analysis document in you respond to the questions indicated in the above link

Please do this by the same due date as the final project (Thursday, 4/27) and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Also, if you are struggling with the upload process, you can call (328-2820) or come to the University Writing Center (Joyner Library, first floor) during their operating hours for assistance.

Audience (the WHO)

The primary audience for your project is your instructor, who will evaluate it based on the conventions you articulate for it, but the real, live audience for the type of writing you are creating is an important audience to consider as well.

To Complete This Project (Suggested Workflow)

1) Don’t forget to follow the best practices you have researched throughout this class. Use these best practices to help you draft and revise your final project.

2) 12/12/17 by the start of class >>

The following must be presented to client in class at 8:00AM:

  • Final report to client

The following must be presented in class from 8:00AM-10:30AM:

  • PowerPoint to the client

3) 12/12/17 by midnight>>

Final project due to Blackboard, including all materials listed above.

Grading Criteria for Final Project

Grading criteria for final project

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