Single Page Prototype – Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics

My main goal with this was to reduce navigational redundancies while embracing a more flat, minimalistic style that is more modern than the current iteration. I also feel like using minimalistic graphics could be a strategic option if the organization does not have any good photos of their own live events.

I found the learning experience of the new design program quite daunting and I am by no means a web designer, but I feel like I hit a few of the important notes in my prototype.


My Prototype:

CAA Single Page Prototype


Original link:

Welcome to Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics


Single Page Prototype

Full disclosure this needs A LOT more work. I’m not sure about all of you, but it’s been a difficult couple of weeks for me. I’ve been alternating between gratitude I can work from home and have some extra time to myself, and anxiety about all that’s going on around us.

For this project, and for those of you also doing websites- what kind of templates are you using to manipulate spacing/ images? If you view the original webpage, I really had to start from scratch and I just feel like the microsoft word doc I used here looks unprofessional. Help would be appreciated!

Joyner Module 3 Single Page Prototype

Single Page Prototype: Maude’s Kitchen

I’ve redesigned pages from the interior of the cookbook Maude’s Kitchen. Here is a screenshot of the original page:

And here is a link to a PDF of my single page prototype (which is technically two pages, because it’s a page spread):

Maude’s Kitchen prototype

Please let me know your thoughts! And, if you are social distancing and need something to eat, maybe these recipes will help. Take care!