Teacher Response to Module #1: Make a Brief Brief

Business Keeping

Grades on Canvas, as per the norm. You also receive individualized feedback on modules, however, so be sure to check for that.

Key learning from this module

Design brief =

design problems

+ objectives

+ stakeholder goals

+ awareness of competitors

Hint: planning is for clients and stakeholders 😉

Having taught design for many years now, I often get a version of “but, why do we have to create a project plan? Can’t we just start designing?”

The answer to this question is that: if you are the only designer and you are designing only for yourself, then yes.

A design brief, like any project plan, is a contract between you and other people: other designers, writers, clients, bosses, etc. It’s a communication deliverable that allows people to set collective goals for a design project.

Without one, you run a great risk of designing in a direction that serves no one but yourself. So, while they may feel like extra work in a classroom setting, they are an essential component of every design project in the real world.

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