OMG, This Is… In Need of Improvement, LOL: Final Steps for Module #2

Try to Be Objective and Educational

Doing an audit of a client’s information product is always nerve-wracking. In the real world, you’re essentially getting paid to critique someone. And it’s hard to judge how attached they are to the current design.

That’s why you should strive to be as objective and educational in your tone as possible:

Sans serif fonts, or fonts without extended features at the end of the letter strokes, are more readable on a computer screen than serif fonts, or fonts with extensions on the letter strokes. Most readers of the MHC CC newsletter view the newsletter as email on their computer screens. The current newsletter uses a serif font, perhaps Times New Roman. Use of a sans serif font, such as Helvetica, Verdana, or Arial, would enhance the readability of the material. The size of the font can also be increased to improve readability.

See how this writer explains not only the objective criteria by which the design is being judged (in this case, readability), but also explains why that criteria is important? Yeah: do that.

Be Sure to Use Examples (Screenshots) From Your Comparators to Illustrate Good Design Principles

At the same time, a picture, as they say, is worth some words. People unfamiliar with design are a lot more likely to be persuaded by your audit if you use screenshots of your comparators to illustrate effectiveness, like this designer did:

An example screenshot from a student paper

Be sure that for each aspect of design you audited you include a screenshot of the primary product, a screenshot of at least one comparator, and compare/contrast the two.

Think of this like an essay: the screenshots are the evidence for your claims. Just saying something is effect/ineffective is not as sound an argument as demonstrating that through actual design examples culled from the real world.

What’s Due by Friday

4) 3/5/21 by Midnight ET >>

Revise all your documents and hand them in. The point of receiving feedback from your peers, and also from myself, is to help you improve your writing. This process will be negated if the draft you submit to the course website is the same as the draft you hand in as your final. Revise, revise, revise.

  • Cover Letter and a final draft of your Design Critique and Competitive Analysis are due to Canvas by Midnight ET

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