Final Project


After doing this assignment, you should be able to:

  • Prepare a finished draft of a Brand Strategy Kit for a client


These will depend highly on the nature of the genre(s) included in your project, but will most likely include:

  1. a web browser (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)
  2. a word processor, desktop publishing program, or other writing platform

Description (Situation)

What I hope you have been introduced to in this class is many of the standards, conventions, and best practices amongst many common situations, purposes, modes, and media of document design. There are a lot of ways to document information for a specific audience. Whatever final project you produce, it should:

  1. Exist in an accessible and usable format that utilizes effective document design (it should be formatted according to expectations for the specific genre you are creating).
  2. Target a specific, real audience of people.
  3. Successfully utilize the conventions common to the form of documentation you are creating, as exemplified by document designers working in the real world.

Essentially, think of this final project as packaging final drafts of your deliverables from the Modules for your client. You should think about orienting these clients that you have never met: so you should include a report that explains what all your deliverables have in common, what problems they attempt to solve, etc.

So, your final draft of your Brand Strategy Kit should include:

  • An Executive Summary: explain the goals of your research, what methods you used, and summarize the findings. Be sure to list all the design recommendations you have amassed throughout the course. Basically, this executive summary should be like the thesis statement for all the other deliverables contained in your strategy kit.
  • A Creative Brief
  • Findings Report from a competitor analysis
  • 3 prototype designs based on your information product that cover 3 different media (i.e. business card, brochure, website, mobile app, social media banner, 1-page information packet, email newsletter, etc.)

Documents You Must Produce for this Project (Media and modes)

The following must be posted to Canvas by midnight on Friday, 4/30/21:

  1. Cover Letter, which should answer the following questions a) what have you learned about the processes of document design in this class? b) what have these processes taught you about your roles as a future writer within a specific career?
  2. A copy of your final project, including all the materials listed above


The primary audience for your project is your instructor, who will evaluate it based on the grading criteria, but the real, live audience for the genre you are creating is an important audience to consider as well.

To Complete This Project (Suggested Workflow)

1) Don’t forget to follow the best practices you have encountered and researched throughout this class. Revise your final project based on the feedback you’ve received throughout the class.

2) 4/30/21 by midnight >>

Final project due to Canvas, including all material listed above

Grading Criteria

Grading criteria for final project