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Teacher Response to Module #4: Final Steps for Final Project

Business Keeping

Grades and individual feedback on Canvas. Be sure you check as I have given each of you targeted feedback for your final project.

The One Major Revision Pretty Much Everyone Needs to Do

So, the major revision I saw everyone needed was to respond more directly to the needs of your client regarding Oxygen. Remember that the client wanted a solution to a big problem: 2000 PDF files stored in a sharepoint. So, besides creating something in Oxygen, you also need to give a short explainer about what Oxygen is and how it can help them solve their problem.

Let me know if you need help with this, but also remember:

  • Oxygen is made to store information in a structured format
  • “Structured” here means with basic formatting so you can drop in reusable forms of content

Feel free to do a little additional research on use cases for Oxygen to help you write this explainer!

Key learning from this module

Prototyping =

modeling possible design choices for a client

+ justifying those choices via appropriate verbal or written communication

+ making a possible future for an information product visible to a client

What you’ve experienced in this class is but one leg of the design journey

Believe it or not, professional designers working in industry often produce deliverables like your final project in as little as a week or two! This isn’t to undercut the great work you’ve done this semester, but to lay out where you’re at in the road to becoming a designer.

What you’ve experienced is all the work that goes into designing a prototype for a specific type of information product that then will be delivered via a specific medium. This typically involves a hand off to another type of specialist such as a printer/publisher, social media marketer, or web developer.

Please feel free to add anything you’ve done in this class to your portfolio

The way to build a portfolio is to save deliverables from projects (prototypes, competitive analyses, design critiques, etc.). You always need permission from clients to share these. I’m giving you permission to add anything from this class to your portfolio.

For any future professors in the course: if you want to write about some of the stuff you’ve done in this class, that’s also possible, but please talk to me first. There are certain things you won’t be able to write about, but there is much you could write about.

I look forward to seeing your final projects!

Final Steps for Final Project

So, your final draft of your Brand Strategy Kit should include:

  • An Executive Summary: explain the goals of your research, what methods you used, and summarize the findings. Be sure to list all the design recommendations you have amassed throughout the course. Basically, this executive summary should be like the thesis statement for all the other deliverables contained in your strategy kit.
  • A Creative Brief
  • Findings Report from a competitor analysis
  • 3 prototype designs based on your information product that cover 3 different media (i.e. business card, brochure, website, mobile app, social media banner, 1-page information packet, email newsletter, etc.)

Documents You Must Produce for this Project (Media and modes)

The following must be posted to Canvas by midnight on Friday, 4/30/21:

  1. Cover Letter, which should answer the following questions a) what have you learned about the processes of document design in this class? b) what have these processes taught you about your roles as a future writer within a specific career?
  2. A copy of your final project, including all the materials listed above