Cover Letters

General Evaluation Criteria

Cover letters for this class are letters to me, your instructor and evaluator, that cover some aspect of the writing process you used to create your most recent module.

Practice being strategic in choosing what you reflect on. You might, for instance, want to record your workflow for a certain module because you want to replicate this workflow in the future. Or you might want to make a list of all the types of collaboration you used for a module so you’ll have this list for other collaborative projects.

It is a best practice in many professional situations to create a cover letter to let project managers or other types of collaborators know why you created a given project in the way that you did. Many times collaborators will ask you for specific information, which I might do for particular modules.

You can format these ‘letters’ however you wish: as memos, bulleted lists, personal letters, stories, etc. What I’ll be looking for is that you reflect on some element of your writing process significantly (think: at least a few paragraphs on what you thought was important).