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Documenting documentation: final steps for final project (Due 11/23)

General Business

Drafts are overall looking good, though some of you forgot to submit to Canvas. Don’t worry; I just looked at your drafts on the course site, but your individual feedback is on Canvas. Be sure you read it. I’ve given everyone specific suggestions for revision. Below is some stuff everyone can work on in revision.

Make Sure You Have All of Your Deliverables!

Just like real documentation, it’s easy to forget some of your deliverables (which is why you need a doc plan :). Be sure to review the project specs on the final project page (i.e., executive summary, doc plan, persona, etc.)!

Include a Doc Plan Like You Mean It

Several of you didn’t include a full doc plan, which includes dates and deliverables. This is training in how to do a doc plan, so be sure you do that for the final draft. Again: these are mostly of use on more complex forms of documentation, but you want to show that you can do one!

Watch Out for Jargon

Make sure your documentation doesn’t include any terms your audience persona wouldn’t understand. To be sure of this, read through your documentation one last time as your persona and watch out for any terms you think they wouldn’t be able to comprehend at first glance.

Be Concise

Make sure your documentation doesn’t include any excess words. Read through one more time and see if there are places you can trim unnecessary words.

Make Sure Your Visuals Actually Visualize

Also, look through your documentation as your persona and ask yourself: would your persona be able to comprehend each and every visual? If not, there are two options: add a caption to explain the visual or (better) include a visual that is easier to understand.

Documents You Must Produce for this Project

The following must be posted to Canvas by midnight on Monday, 11/23/20:

  1. Cover Letter, which should answer the following questions a) what have you learned about the processes of technical communication in this class? b) what have these processes taught you about your roles as a future writer within a specific career?
  2. A copy of your final project, including all the materials listed above

To Complete This Project (Suggested Workflow)

  1. Don’t forget to follow the best practices you have encountered and researched throughout this class. Revise your final project based on the feedback you’ve received throughout the class.
  2. 11/23/20 by midnight >> Final project due to Canvas, including all materials listed above

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