Editorial Schmeditorial: Final steps for Module 3

General Business

Drafts are overall looking good. Below is some stuff to work on in revision.

Use An Editing System That Makes Sense to Your Audience

The first thing you should look at in your draft is: does this make sense to my audience? Consider things like jargon, terminology, and directions. Your editorial document should direct your audience to do something: to make changes. Is it doing that? Will your audience understand your directions? What won’t they understand? Also: make sure you’re not just doing the changes for them. If you edited a document, that’s fine, but you need to show all the changes you made so the audience will understand what changes you made.

Include a Short Cover Note / Executive Summary of Changes

It’s also important as an editor to summarize the changes you made. This is almost always the case, unless you have a close working relationship with your audience and they know / expect the type of changes you’re making. Your Executive Summary should do the following things:

  • Explain the goals of your editorial changes. How will they improve the document?
  • Give a high-level, concise overview of the changes you made or are recommending. Think categories of changes: grammar, style, text, visuals, etc.
  • Give a brief list of next steps. What does the audience need to do next, based on your recommendations?

Consider Including Screenshots if You’re Editing Something Visually

If you’re doing something like a content audit of a website, I highly recommend you include some screenshots if you’re providing feedback on visual design. In my extensive experience, audiences struggle to understand feedback regarding visual design without seeing something.

5) 10/13/20 by Midnight ET >>

Revise all documents you’ve created. The point of these reviews is to help you improve your writing. Revise, revise, revise.

Be sure you review what your reviewers said about your draft as you work on your final draft, as well as my class-wide response. Listen to your reviewers and make critical choices to improve your documents based on what they say.

Post your Cover Letter and a final draft of your Editorial Document to Canvas.

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