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Naming and framing UX deliverables: final steps for Module #4

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Drafts are overall looking good. Below is some stuff to work on in revision.

Name Your Deliverables Correctly

One of the most important things to do in the UX world is to correctly name your deliverables. For example, several of you are calling what you did a “usability test,” which means that you tested with people outside yourself. If you simply reviewed an application for UX best practices, that’s a “usability review.”

There are a lot of deliverables in UX and they each have different purposes. The modern day design process is very opaque to outsiders and that’s why it’s important to use the right deliverable (and name each deliverable correctly) for the right job.

If you’re not sure what you’ve created, visit here for a complete list of deliverables: https://uxdesign.cc/ux-design-methods-deliverables-657f54ce3c7d

Then, Contextualize Them With Writing

The second most important thing you need to do in the UX world is contextualize your deliverables with writing. UX is just another form of documentation. Many UX people would hate me calling it that, because they think of themselves as “designers” and look down on documentation, but those are not the sorts of people you want to invite to your afternoon tea, anyway.

So, good documentation has to operate by itself. This means if you just made some UX deliverables for this module, but didn’t contextualize what they are or how the audience should use them, think again ;-). You need to think of your deliverables as a kind of technical report to the rest of your design team regarding where you should go next. You thus absolutely need to explain what each deliverable means to your audience.

5) 11/3 by Midnight ET >>

Revise all documents you’ve created. The point of these reviews is to help you improve your writing. Revise, revise, revise.

Be sure you review what your reviewers said about your draft as you work on your final draft, as well as my class-wide response. Listen to your reviewers and make critical choices to improve your documents based on what they say.

Post your Cover Letter and a final draft of your UX Document to Canvas.

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