Teacher Response to Module #2

Grades on Blackboard. The responses were pro forma…. see below.

I see research people*

You may have by now uncovered my secret plot behind this class, and that is to get you all so excited about empirical research that you can’t wait to do it for the rest of your life.

One of my firm life philosophies is that if everyone would do everything more empirically, meaning based on actual data they had collected themselves, then we could solve all the world’s problems. The opposite of empiricism, ideology based on opinion or doxa, is what creates and maintains many of the world’s problems.

I am overjoyed by the studies I am seeing and I can’t wait to see research instruments and eventually data. I hope you folks are as excited as I am by your studies, but I’m not sure that’s completely possible ;-).

Great work.

*In the tradition of “I see dead people meme

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