Teacher Response to Module #3

Grades + individual feedback on Blackboard.

Again, I’ll save you the trouble

My comments to everyone were pretty much “sounds good; now go collect some data!”

As I mention in the next Module, the most important things to consider during data collection are the following:

  • Doing what you said in your plan you were going to do. Even though this is a pilot, it’s important you try out the research design you’ve constructed.
  • Protecting your participants from harm. This means ensuring confidentiality, minimizing risk, and making sure they understand why you’re collecting information on them.
  • Not collecting too much data. Remember that this is a pilot. Your goal here is really to test out your research design, not to collect a ton of information that you’d then have to recollect to turn this into an actual study.

Have fun in the field! Let me know if you step in any bear traps!

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