Clarified instructions for FTPing to your domains

There is some understandable confusion about how to interact with your domains. Allow me to clarify:

  1. A hostname (at least through my hosting company, Dreamhost) is just the domain name without the http:// (e.g. the hostname for would be
  2. You don’t have access to the Dreamhost panel, or you would have access to all my domains, so don’t try to log-in to Dreamhost.
  3. The way FTP works is that you just need to have a password and username for a domain. That’s it. If you have a password and username (which I’ve given all of you), then you can transfer files to be hosted on a domain.
  4. An FTP clients works partially as a credentialing service to make sure you indeed have access to a specific domain. So, when you enter your specific username and password for your specific domain, whatever FTP service you’re using checks with the domain to see if you indeed have access to it.
  5. Once you have connected to a domain via an FTP client, you can just drag and drop files like you would for any file folder, and they will be transferred onto your domain.

Please feel free to ask any additional questions you may have.

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