Response to Module #1

Grades –> Blackboard, as are individual responses to your modules, so please take a moment to read them.

Overall: I am continually impressed by the quality of graduate student we attract here at ECU. I am well aware that I am throwing tough things at you guys, but you always rise to the occasion. Thanks for that. Keep it up.

I know this course is moving fast, but remember that this is supposed to theoretically be 15 weeks of material in 5 weeks. Stay focused. You’re doing good work.

I can’t overemphasize content strategy enough

If I haven’t made this connection explicit enough: content strategy is the rhetorical framework for modern day web design. Without it, you might as well be designing for a much older version of the web, which is what a lot of web designers do, honestly.

Don’t be one of those folks ;-). Learn as much code as you need, but master content strategy. The difference between a beautiful website that no one will ever use and a bland website that is usable is that the latter is actually performing as intended while the former might as well be an art installation that no one sees.

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