A change to the workflow for the course

In light of the truncated nature of this course, I think we’ve covered about as much content as we’re going to in five weeks. The last two weeks of the course will be devoted to completing your website.

To facilitate completion of your final projects, I will create a schedule for them by the deadline for Module 3, a deadline that will include posting a first draft for feedback from me and your peers.

New grading breakdown in light of this change

33% (300 pts.) for Modules

  • Module 1 (100 pts.): HMTL 5 and the Design of Web Content
  • Module 2 (100 pts.): CSS 3 and the Design of Web Style
  • Module 3 (100 pts.): Creating a CMS or Rapid Prototyping Kit

33% (300 pts.) for the Final Project

15% (60 pts.) for Homework assignments (which will always be posted to the Schedule page ahead of time).

15% (100 pts.) Participation and Classroom Citizenship

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