Response to Module #2

Grades on Blackboard, along with individual responses.

These are particularly important responses as I mention some things about your individual final projects that I’d like to see.

Stuff about Module #2 to keep in mind as you move forward

  • Don’t forget the principles of style vs. content that you have learned in these first two modules. They still apply even when using a CMS.
  • Especially don’t forget the content strategy you have developed, which should govern the way you build your final project (who’s it for? what content types does your audience want? what content rules should govern those content types?).
  • Don’t forget to look for models online for both code and content strategy when you’re struggling. Other people who have succeeded where you are trying to succeed are often the best teachers.
  • I’d like to see some customized code in your final project, which is important for branding purposes whether you’re using a CMS or not. For those of you using WordPress, there is a place built into the user interface for custom CSS (Appearance>Editor>Stylesheet.css). My workflow for editing a WordPress theme in this way is to identify selectors using Firefox’s Firebug add-on, which allows you to highlight any element of a webpage with the Inspect tool and see the code behind that element.
  • For those (one) of you going the RPK path, and for future custom coding: you might want to explore the jQuery chapters in the textbook, which is a powerful language for beginning to create your own custom CMS.

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