Response to Module #3

Grades on Blackboard, along with individual responses.

Mostly, these individual responses emphasize the things I mentioned in my response to Module #2 post, and in my individual comments on your Module #2s, but you should still read them as there are some other things I mention for each of your individual projects.

Looking forward to seeing these as final projects! Be sure to ask questions as you work to complete a draft.

One last thing to think about: microinteractions

The only other term I’m going to throw at you is one of the most neglected elements in design: the tiny details that make the difference between a good design and a great design, the microinteractions¬†users have with a given design.

These can be anything from whether you use a dropdown menu or just add that extra category to the main navigation, what happens when users click search. The best way to understand microinteractions, besides going to that link, is to test, test, test, either by going through your site and putting yourself in your users’ shoes or actually getting some people to try out your design.

Not sure about something? Email someone who matches your target user type and ask them to try it. Not sure what font is the most readable? Ask someone to read five different fonts and pick their favorite one.

These are the things we tend not to think about until the last minute, but they are very important, because they make the difference between, well, as I said: a good design and a great one.

Looking forward to seeing these evolve!

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