Response to Final Project Drafts

You will receive individual comments via email.

Some general things to think about as you work to complete your final projects

  1. Progress, not perfection: the goal of having you create your own grading criteria via the grading criteria questions, besides encouraging you to own your learning process, is to get away from a one-size-fits-all approach. Different projects will have different strengths and weaknesses. The goal is that I see progress from where you individually started in the course, and an attention to conventions you articulate through grading criteria.
  2. That being said, push hard: I do expect strong drafts of final projects, however. They don’t have to be perfect. They don’t have to even be finished in the sense of their final iteration, but I want to see evidence that you accomplished what you set out to accomplish.
  3. Ask questions: this may seem a given, but I always like to remind learners that if you are stuck, ask. Ask your peers. Ask me. Ask someone.

Returning your content to you after the class ends

In general, you should save all web files, code, and content you create when you’re designing, but as all of you are tied up in my personal hosting space, I will of course return all your content to you at the end of the class. To make sure none of it is lost, I will leave the sites you have built up for a while.

Those of you using WordPress will receive an exported XML file that you can import into any WordPress installation (even a to retrieve all your content. You’ll need to save all custom code as well as record every setting you changed, however, because those will not be preserved. Again, I’ll err on the side of leaving things up for the meantime, so don’t worry too much.

For those (one) of you who went the RPK route: you should have access to everything you built, because you created all your own files. I will leave your site up, too, for the time being, though, just to be safe.

If for any reason you want me to take your site you built for this class down, that’s perfectly fine. I’ll just need about a week’s notice.

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