Final Project


After doing this assignment, you should be able to:

  • Prepare a finished draft of a specific genre or type of documentation that you have done all the preparation for


These will depend highly on the nature of your genre, but may include:

  1. A working and recently-updated Internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari are recommended)
  2. A word-processing application that allows for the production of HMTL documents in web-standard formats (TextWrangler for Mac  or Notepad++ for PC are recommended)
  3. A reliable email client (Outlook, Apple’s Mail, or Gmail are recommended)
  4. A reliable File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client (Cyberduck for Mac, WinSCP for PC, or FileZilla for all platforms, or FireFTP if you use the Firefox browser, are recommended; Fetch is another alternative for Mac which I personally prefer because of how usable it is, and it is available for $29)
  5. Content Management System (CMS) software (e.g. WordPress, Drupal or Joomla!)

Description (Situation)

What I hope you have been introduced to in this class is many of the standards, conventions, and best practices amongst many common situations, purposes, workflows of web design. There are a lot of ways to design for a specific audience. Whatever final project you produce, it should:

  1. Exist in an accessible and usable format that utilizes effective document design (it should be formatted according to expectations for the specific genre you are creating).
  2. Target a specific, real audience of people.
  3. Successfully utilize the conventions common to the form of documentation you are creating, as exemplified by web designers and content strategists working in the real world.

Deliverables You Must Produce for this Project

The following must be posted to Blackboard by midnight on Tuesday, 6/24/14:

  1. Cover Letter, which should answer the following questions a) what have you learned about the processes of web design and content strategy in this class? c) what have these processes taught you about your future roles as a technical and professional communicator?
  2. A copy of any modes that went into your project that you, yourself, did not create (i.e. templates, photos, videos, etc.; links to online locations of these modes are fine) PLUS a link or other indication of where they came from. You should also include a copy of all web-formatted files (.html, .css, etc.), if you use any.
  3. Answers to the questions under the grading criteria for this project
  4. Three effective examples of the genre you have created (links are fine)
  5. A link to or copy of your final project


The primary audience for your project is your instructor, who will evaluate it based on the conventions you articulate for it, but the real, live audience for the genre you are creating is an important audience to consider as well.

To Complete This Project (Suggested Workflow)

1) Don’t forget to follow the best practices you have encountered and researched throughout this class. Continue this research/practice by answering the questions under the grading criteria for this project.

2) 6/16/14 by midnight, ET >>

Draft of Final Project is due to this course site

3) 6/17/14 by midnight, ET >>

Post an answer to the following design question as a comment on the posts of each person’s draft on this course website.

  • Looking at this author’s draft: what are your overall impressions of it? How successfully does it utilize the principles we’ve been discussing in this class? Where does it need improvement, based on these principles? Does it demonstrate a consistent content strategy? Why or why not?

4) 6/24/14 by midnight, ET >>

Post your final project to this course site so that other students can see what you’ve come up with

Post your final project and all required materials to Blackboard

Grading Criteria

Can be found here: grading criteria for final project