Grading criteria for Module 3

This project is worth 100 points, assessed as follows:


(The product will be evaluated in light of your process): cover letter for module successfully records/identifies elements of the module that might be useful in future projects.


Purpose (70 points):

  • You have posted all the required documents for this project to where they’re supposed to be posted (NOTE: this requirement must be met or you will receive no grade for the project)
  • All code used for your webpages is valid (meaning there are no errors in it)
  • Your webpages load in a standard web browser with no errors
  • Your webpages are coded in a way that demonstrates a sustainable workflow for designing a complete website
  • You are applying a clear content strategy that is consistent throughout your CMS or RPK

Audience (30 points):

  • It is evident from your evolving webpages what the overall shape of your website will be

For more information about the way I give grades (from A-F) within these categories, go here.

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