Homework #3

(worth 20 points)


  1. Browse through recent posts on our course website.
  2. The Custom CMS vs the Open Source CMS, http://www.blackrhinosolutions.com/webdesignblog/website-design/cms/the-custom-cms-vs-the-open-source-cms
  3. The Definitive Guide to Definitive Guides to WordPress, http://guiseppegetto.com/definitive-guide-definitive-guides-wordpress/, the introduction and all the Quickstart Guides
  4. Murach, Chapters 17 and 18
  5. Wachter-Boettcher, Chapter 9
  1. Make a substantive comment on a recent post on the course website. Try to say something meaningful about the information there to the rest of the class. Or: post something of interest to the class, like a News Item, Announcement of a professional networking event you think might be of interest, or other resource.
  2. The Custom CMS: Say you have a client or colleague who is investigating whether to build a website from scratch or use an open source CMS. They just happen to be building the website you are building for this class. Advise them, based on this article, which option is best for them.
  3. Definitive Guides on WordPress: Describe a workflow for developing your existing site using WordPress. What kinds of functionality would this enable? What kind of theme might you use? What plug-ins sound useful? Feel free to explore other elements of my guide as well as http://wordpress.org/ help you answer these questions.
  4. Murach: using this sample workflow, describe your workflow for finishing the website you have started work on. What do you have left to code? What other types of content do you need to write? What content strategies do you have left to enact?
  5. Wachter-Boettcher: what are lessons about adopting a simple, adaptable content strategy that you can apply to the design of your own site? What is fat you can trim from your initial conception? What do you users really want from you?!
  6. Post all your writing (including a link to the post you commented on on the course website) to the Blackboard assignment for Homework #3 (Content>Assignments>Module 3 Assignments).

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