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Who are these randos taking my usability test?

Someone asked about whether or not you want the “random” users on UserTesting to take your usability tests. Here’s my answer:

Yes, you want the “some random people” option. If, by “some random people,” you mean the people you request through the UserTesting application who will exactly match the demographic criteria you enter for your target users 😉

Remote, unmoderated usability testing is becoming the norm in the private sector, because it can be very difficult to consistently find test users for project after project. So, UserTesting pays people to perform as test users. When you launch a test on their platform and ask for users with certain demographic criteria, it finds test users for you and incites them to complete your tasks, all while recording their face and their screen.

Trust me: it’s the best practice that we’re working with right now.

How many users should I test with?

Someone asked this over email. It’s a good question. Here’s my answer.

So, as with most questions in UX, the answer is always: “it depends.” Typically, 5 tests will get you 80% of usability issues (

I typically test until I feel l have “saturation,” meaning I’m seeing the same patterns over and over again. A lot of UX is qualitative, meaning it’s up to the individual practitioners and the patterns they’re seeing. I typically end up testing with 10-15 users to ensure I’m seeing the same patterns over and over and not missing something.

I’m not giving you a number you have to reach in this module, however ;-). Part of being a UX designer is making decisions and justifying them. As long as you can justify the number of tests you do in your final project via some kind of rationale (i.e., we conducted 6 tests and say the same exact pattern each time), I’m fine with it.

What does a [UX deliverable] look like, though?


My team and I were just wondering if there was an example or how we should format the project plan for Module 1. I thought I saw an example before but I can’t seem to find it now. 


So, the best examples are in Buley. I just went to see if I could resurrect an old student draft, but in the transition from Blackboard to Canvas all my old classes were wiped, apparently.

Also, feel free to Google UX Project Plan for examples as well. Lots of UX designers have been very generous with sharing deliverables online.

I have collected some deliverables from the class in the past, but a project plan is not among them (I’ll try to grab one this semester): (under UX Design Deliverables)

This is a resource with tons of examples of UX deliverables.