Grading Criteria for Module 4

This module is worth 50 points, assessed as follows:


(The product will be evaluated in light of your process): cover letter for project successfully records/identifies elements of the project that might be useful in some way.


Modes/Media (10 points):

  • You have posted all the required modes/Media for this project to where they’re supposed to be posted (NOTE: this requirement must be met or you will receive a zero for the project)
  • Your UX Strategy Kit contains the following elements:
    • An Executive Summary
    • A Persona
    • Findings Report from a card sort
    • Findings Report from a usability test
    • Findings Report from a content audit
    • A Prototype redesign of the NCCA

Purpose (25 points):

  • Your UX Strategy Kit provides clear next steps for going about a redesign of the Coastal Atlas.
  • You document all findings with concrete examples from your research
  • You explain all design recommendations by referencing your research

Audience (15 points):

  • These moves are responsive to your audience, users of the NC Coastal Atlas that you have identified.

for more information about the way I give grades (from A-F) within these categories, go here

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