Grading Criteria for Module 4

This module is worth 50 points, assessed as follows:


(The product will be evaluated in light of your process): cover letter for project successfully records/identifies elements of the project that might be useful in some way.


Modes/Media (10 points):

  • You have posted all the required modes/Media for this project to where they’re supposed to be posted (NOTE: this requirement must be met or you will receive a zero for the project)
  • Your documents are professional-looking, and -sounding (semi-formal tone, greetings/salutation, good formatting, etc.).

Purpose (25 points):

  • Your Theoretical Analysis of a Journal successfull articulates some notion of the theoretical currency specific to that journal
  • Your Query Email successfully summarizes your developing Theoretical Argument in a way that you think will be attractive to a journal editor

Audience (15 points):

  • There is a clear confluence between the findings of your Theoretical Analysis of a Journal and your Query Email (e.g. it’s clear that your developing argument would be a good fit for that journal).

for more information about the way I give grades (from A-F) within these categories, go here

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